The Folly of Revolutionaries

I am writing this blog pissed off at my friend forcing me to watch the movie “Haider”. Watching my outburst at its initial scenes he changed the movie but pissed I am nevertheless. Earlier we were watching the anthology “D Company” whose first short film “Oru Bolivian Diary” references similar themes.

It is in fact a theme that is quite commonly of interest to people with socialist – revolutionary leanings. The oft sung hymns of the downtrodden fighting against the oppressors have enthralled the youngsters ( and not so young) revisionists throughout the ages. Whether it be communists, Naxalites or Kashmiri separatists they all sing the same old tune : fight the oppressor to bring relief to the oppressed.

While I do sympathize with those who are oppressed where I do differ with these glorious fools is in their methods. I can never empathize with those who raise arms against the state. The arms ought to be raised against the real corruptors of society.

What is gained by murdering the soldiers, the policemen of our society? Sure they are the so called “enforcers” of the state and are at the implementing end of the state’s diktat. If a village has to be cleared the police are called in to do the dirty job. To give protection against infiltrating terrorists soldiers are called in to do route marches and searches. These knights in uniforms do all the “oppressive” acts that are opposed by these revolutionaries – acts not limited to curfews, arrests, interrogations and encounter killings.

However let us not forget one cardinal fact. These officials act on behalf of the state and at least in India’s case as servants of the people, representative of the democratic system and thus representative of all us citizens. So an attack on these policemen or soldiers is in fact an attack on the state and thus on us citizens who pay our taxes for the sleepless service they provide us.

So is the state at fault for the wrongs committed on its behalf?


Are the citizens at fault for the wrongs committed on their behalf?



Who is the real wrong doer? The one who corrupts the government on behalf of the electorate – the politicians who corrupt the state and thus exploit the most honorable state assets like police and army to do atrocities on its behalf.

But why dont these so called revolutionaries ever act against these politicians? For every 1000 police official killed by Naxalites how many politicians have they killed? For every 1000 soldier killed by separatists how many politicians have they killed?

In short films and movies like “Oru Bolivian Diary” or “Haider” the army and policemen get demonized, violence against them are celebrated, but so long as these ass hole revolutionaries do not raise their arms against the real scourge of the society, they do not get an iota of sympathy or empathy from me.

As far as I see all their hyper revolutionary bile is just plain crass bullshit until and unless they act against the real scourge, because that is the only solution to the mess.

After all if the politicians who support destruction of a forest range and its resident tribes get murdered by these revolutionaries the project would never get across. Kill a couple of Forest and Environment Ministers and soon the next appointee would think multiple times before ordering the destruction of a habitat.

As a caveat here is a declaration: I do not call for the deaths or murders, just calling out the hypocrisy involved. If you want real change start at the top, especially in the realm of politics.

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