Tales from Swarga – Part 1

It is just another normal day here at the Swarga Services Heavenly Ltd. The Gods have not yet arrived for work but the Rishis are already starting to get settled in for the work of the day. The Apsaras of HR are already in early and the Devas of the night shift Support Desk are packing up for the day, handling duty to the day shift. Swarga has modernized quite a bit considering the nature of the times. In these modern times it has incorporated a lot of changes from the Earth it controls and governs. And this includes a fair amount of Corporatisation too. The business models have changed too. The Swarga does a lot of business with its clients overseas, the Rakshasas. Its principal client is Patala Systems with another major client being Naraka Networks. To service these clients Swarga has teams of dedicated Help Desk Devas and also specialist Rishis formed in various teams.

Maharshini Gargi is already on her scheduled tasks to organize the next Biweekly review meeting to present before the Patala Systems. Her junior rishis are just arriving and her favourite acolyte Mandukya was already chatting up the new joinee Rishi Maitreyi. Maharishi Vishwamitra, the Team Lead of the Cosmic Infrastructure Team is early as usual at his desk and Vashishta is unpacking his bags. Vyasa is late as usual but his acolyte Sanaka is already at his scheduled tasks.

It is at this time that Narada comes in. As the favourite of the Senior God Vishnu he wields considerable power on his own. Although most of the times he just plods along making merry and doing odd things whenever he is required to assist somebody Narada has an unparalleled gift to disappear. Narada is followed shortly by God Vishnu, the senior God in Swarga. While Swarga was originally established by Shiva and Vishnu, it was Vishnu who drew the short straw to manage things at Swarga while Shiva was almost always onsite with the Rakshasas. Though occasionally Vishnu too visits the land of Rakshasas to meet with his counterparts at Patala mostly he stays at Swarga itself. From an establishment in a small corner of Cosmos Swarga had already expanded its presence and headcount considerably thanks to the efficient management skills of Vishnu and the entrepreneurial skills of Shiva. As the venture expanded Swarga also got itself a new God, Brahma who initially handled Naraka and now was in charge of Patala too, leaving Shiva and Vishnu on concentrate on their new business, Bhoomi.

Vyasa as usual walked in late that day, just a few minutes before noon. As he set up his desk he immediately noticed the email that he got in his Inbox. Due to last night’s Homas and Somarasa puja he had obviously missed the email marked as Important. It was from Indra, the manager of the Devas.

“Dear Vyasa,

Yesterday there had been considerable issues with cloud systems giving us considerable trouble while communicating with the Rakshasas. The team at Patala were really furious at us. We need a root cause analysis as soon as possible for the cloud issues that we faced yesterday. Outages like these are simply unacceptable. Please give us a Reason For Outage as soon as possible else I would have to escalate it to the Gods.

Sr Manager,
Deva Support Services

“Well, that is his usual complaint,” mused Vyasa as he called up Sanaka and started going through the Meteorological data for the past night.

“Hmm. There was a considerable thunderstorm last night, wasn’t there? No wonder they got such slow cloud visibility,” said Vyasa as he showed the statistics to Sanaka.

“Also look at the latency in the messaging services. It is time we raised hell with Varuna and Vayu,” Sanaka chimed in

“I mean we pay such a lot of money to these Service Providers, the least they can do is give us good connectivity,” Vyasa said in a hopeless tone.

Varuna and Vayu are the principal Connectivity service providers to Swarga. They ensure that the Devas and Rishis are able to connect to the Universe and support them accordingly. As the Cosmic Connectivity Team, it was Vyasa’s responsibility that Swarga always had connectivity and the task was also shared by the rest of the Cosmic Infrastructure Team. Theirs was often a thankless and glamour less job. They do their work well and no one notices and things go belly up and suddenly the Gods start getting angry. But they are a tight knit team and manage to find a lot of time to have fun. After assigning the work of yelling at Varuna and Vayu to Sanaka, Sanatana and Sanandana, three of the Four Kumaras, Vyasa walked over to Mandukya.

“Rishiji, are you busy? Would you accompany me to do some shiva puja?” Vyasa asked Mandukya.

Mandukya looked around and ensuring that Gargi was busy at her work silently got up from his tiger skin seat and walked out of the Swarga. While walking out they greeted the Ashwini Kumaras who handled security and reception and got into a passing cloud to go downstairs. They got some tea and Puja sticks from a nearby Puja stall and started chatting up.

“Vyasaji, any idea when we would have the increment talks?” Mandukya asked

“Mandukyaji, I heard it would happen at the end of this Yuga. While we have appraisals at the end of Satya Yuga and Dwapara Yuga any increment we can expect only at the end of Kali Yuga. While during the previous cycle our hike negotiations happened shortly after the start of Kali Yuga this cycle I hear it may happen only at the end of Kali Yuga. I understand brother Rishi, your troubles. But I am afraid we can only wait and hope that Brahma and Vishnu would be generous to us,” Vyasa said. Vyasa, as a senior Maharishi had been at Swarga almost since its inception. Only Durvasa, Lead of Universal Observation Team and a few other developer Rishis were more senior. Mandukya had joined Swarga as an acolyte and later became a full fledged Rishi. On the way he had mentored and tutored a whole lot of recruit Rishis who are now in the Bhoomi team. However Mandukya still was hoping to get a package commensurate with his work.

“Yeah, it seems like it. Anyway I hear business is booming? I went through the BlessedIn page of Lord Shiva and the numbers he has posted are quite good. Any chance we could go off-site to Patala any time soon?” Mandukya asked.

“Brother, I dont think that would happen any time soon. The Asuras of Patala certainly are not going to incur any extra expenses to take us over there. For them it is profitable that we support them from here. Well let us just pray to Lord Shiva and hope that he shows some mercy to us and call us to him soon, ” Vyasa said.

It was just then that Indra arrived on a bright lightning. While normally a very jolly and friendly person, everyone knew that Indra could get really tough and professional. Most of the Rishis and all the Devas were very respectful and fearful of Indra. Some even considered him on par with the Gods. He was also a chain worshipper of Shiva Puja and Vyasa and Mandukya had a lot of friendly conversations with Indra outside the Swarga premises.
Having finished with the puja all three went towards Swarga and as soon as they swiped in Sanaka ran up to Vyasa and said, “Maharishiji, the entire network has gone down! We are having issues through both Varuna and Vayu networks. Even the constellations managed by Viswamithra are unreachable. The Apsaras are getting angry and Menaka, the Manager of Apsaras is screaming at Sanandana. Vishnu had a call with Shiva and Nandi that just got cut. Please, you have to do something really fast”
To Be Contd.

3 comments for “Tales from Swarga – Part 1

  1. Manjunatha Rao
    November 24, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    1. I found all the characters are intentionally resembled.
    2. I was imagining the resembled characters is that particular attire.
    3. Awaiting Prequel and sequel

  2. Arun Murali
    November 24, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    It’s really made me to read till end..awaiting more…..

  3. Karthika
    November 30, 2015 at 10:24 pm

    Really interesting!

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