Ode To A Mobile Phone

It was almost three years to the day when you entered my life. Today you leave my life. This is a tribute to you, the Nokia Lumia 720 that had been a partner of my life for the past 1000 odd days.

My Nokia Lumia 720

The year was 2013. The month was April. A momentuous year. An eventful month. My father had passed away a few scant months back. Disoriented and disillusioned I joined a startup company at a salary that I thought was impossible for me. At that time my communicator was a Samsung Monte S5620. This was no smart phone. Operating on a shaky and bug ridden Java operating system it was my first touch phone. As I watched everyone around me frolicking with the latest smart phones, me in my limited means was stuck to this limited phone. Truth be said, even months back I had all but discarded this phone rather trusting more on a basic Samsung phone, that was bought for about 1000 Rs for my phone calls and emails. This was a time when Whatsapp was a much heard of but yet unattained dream utility. This was a time when Android for me was as similar to IPhone in terms of unattainability.


That was when I got my job at Betsol. From teaching Cisco courses I suddenly became a hardcore network engineer. From teaching the principles of networking I became a practitioner of the same technologies. This was an evolutionary leap in me, the professional network engineer. With the new job and multiplication of salary I decided to take another risk. My Samsung Monte had chosen the right time to act up and I was facing troubles receiving or making calls. So I decided to buy a new phone.


Based on review from my roommates I had decided that I would take a Nokia Lumia. Samsung, the reigning King of Android Smartphones had a not so enviable reputation and I liked the looks of the Lumia phones. So I went to a Lumia showroom. I checked out the Lumias 520, 620, 720, 820 and 920. The top to bottom ranges. Based on my hitherto planned budget the maximum I could go for was the Lumia 620, with its rounded design. However the sleek black Lumia 720 caught my fancy. As people who know me best can testify this too was an impulse buy. Aided substantially by PF ( Parental Fund) I bought my first smartphone, a Nokia Lumia 720.


This phone was a wonder to me. This was a completely new experience for me, almost all the things I could do only on a laptop I could now do on my phone!! Using Facebook, watching Youtube, reading emails! And WhatsApp!! Oh, Whatsapp!! I owe you immensely!!


This was a phone with a remarkable battery life. For most of its life with me it used to give me two full days of regular operation on a single charge of battery!! The offline Lumia maps gave me navigation capabilities in the wildest and remotest corners of India! This extremely sturdy piece of electronics survived all kinds of terrains and travels with me, from the heavy monssons of Kerala to the heavy snowfalls of Harsil to the extreme heat of Karnataka. The phone had saved my hide in the wildest of situations, even to the limit of providing critical internet connectivity at the top of a remote hill in Wayanad. This phone survived numerous falls at the hands of a particularly clumsy individual, its tattered and battered case is in fact a subject of extreme ridicule amongst my loved ones!! My fiancee had even threatened me that she would not even allow me anywhere near the wedding hall if I had that tattered phone case around me.


The phone and its case, what an amazing combination it had been!! A combination that is harsh on aesthetics but perfect for its function!! In the three years it had been with me Nokia was bought up by Microsoft, Lumia as a brand name crashed even further to the market more and more cornered by Android. My phone case, a product that cost me 800 Rs had for three years served as my repository for my credit cards, business cards and Identification Cards. Though often reviled for its looks and doubted for its unsafeness in the years that I have used it never have I lost any card I ever kept with my mobile phone. I always claimed that I would never lose it as it is always kept close to my heart.


And close to my heart it has always been. Until today.


Today I bid goodbye to this loyal partner of mine.


Over the past couple of days I have been getting calls disrupted, calls made to my phone are not reaching me and calls I make are not getting connected. As my work requires that I am always connected to be able to respond to any emergency, with a heaviness in my heart I realized that it is time.


Yesterday I went through Amazon and Flipkart for a new phone. It could not be a Lumia. No Windows Phone could ever replace my Lumia. I wanted a different experience. An IPhone is too far beyond my means so Android it is. I have used a few Android devices over the past three years so it would not be a tough transition, that i knew. Finally I ordered a Oneplus Two. The phone got delivered today morning. The transition had been smooth and painless, without even a momentary loss of connectivity. I have started using the Oneplus Two as my communicator and it is a refreshing feel. A few minutes back, just before startingto write this blog I turned off my Nokia Lumia 720 for what I believe is the last time.


The Lumia 720 has a sentimental value for me as it is through it that I started using Whatsapp. It is through this phone that I fell in and out of love a couple of times. It is through this phone that I found the love of my life. Over the past three years of its life this phone has more than lived up to its purchase cost of 18000 Rs. Today it is making its way to a younger mobile phone. Just as it served as a harbinger of my entry into a new life, the life of a financially secure professional, this new phone is a harbinger of a new life, end of my bachelor life, begining of a life with my chosen partner.


It may seem weird to you, the casual reader, the sentiments being expressed towards a piece of electronics that most people keep recycling several times a year. But the sentimental fool that I am, I believe my noble phone deserves a noble farewell as it sails peacefully into the Valhalla of oblivion, a Valhalla occupied by my previous occupants who I believe would be giving him a standing ovation, welcoming amidst them the noblest of them all.


I bid you adieu, my friend. Thanks for everything.

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