India Pakistan – Diplomacy to what end?

The horrific news of the beheading and mutilation of the two jawans of the Rajput Regiment is still sending shock waves in the psyche of the Indian nation. Years and decades of attempts of diplomacy have come to naught when such dastardly acts are committed with impunity by the Armed Forces and Proxy Forces of Pakistan against India. An incident of such brutality should force us to re-think our long established ethos that diplomacy with Pakistan is extremely beneficial.

Aman ki Asha, Bus to Lahore, several were the peace overtures that India participated in for no results. Each time we extended the olive branch of diplomacy we have seen that Pakistan has used it merely as a subterfuge for more acts of war against India. The Lahore declaration became the background for the Kargil War, the Mumbai attacks was followed by years of obfuscation and now Pakistan has triggered an escalation for the sole purpose of drawing in third party organizations into the Indo-Pak conflict. Hina Rabbani Khar’s call for a third party investigation is a not so subtle attempt to give a larger voice to the UNMOGIP, the United Nations Military Observers Group India Pakistan, that so called neutral party which India has refused to acknowledge since 1972 and which Pakistan is still promoting in its age old bid to involve third party involvement in the issue.

Since 1971 Pakistan has realized that in any conventional war it stands no chance against India. This fear was strengthened after we regained Siachen glacier and after the Operation Brasstacks that led to quite a few briefs to get wet in Rawalpindi. The decades long proxy war waged through numerous insurgency groups in Kashmir, Punjab and elsewhere have failed too. Pakistan was also unable to capitalize on some of the major follies of India such as the Babri Masjid and Godhra riots, follies which could have rendered India apart, pitting Muslims and non Muslims against each other destroying the secular veneer of our Republic.

Since September 11 attacks Pakistan also faced the music in a real way when its Terror Universities established since the 80’s against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and continued for the proxy war against India showed their true nature by taking on the Government establishments in Pakistan itself. Founded with the ill intentions of severing the Indian nation into several pieces, now Pakistan finds itself being dismembered by the very rabid dogs it had breeded and trained. The North West Frontier Province has always been a lawless lands, since the times of Alexander these lands were not subject to foreign rule. Since the rise and fall and resurrection of Afghan Taliban the anarchy of NWFP has spread to the more urbane regions of Pakistan. Today Lahore, Karachi or Rawalpindi is indistinguishable from Multan or Peshawar. The gon toting militants roam the streets with impunity aided and abetted by ISI and barely tolerated by the Pakistani military, and thus eroding the credibility of the rudimentary democractic institutions of the theocratic state.

Having met failure in all these avenues they chose for warfare against India, now they are trying for the first trick that they employed in 1948 – bringing in foreign involvement. Like the measured steps in which India dealt with all previous attacks, it is high time we paid Pakistan its full due.

What do we truly lose by completely cutting all ties with Pakistan? Most Favored Nation status with a failed economy? Withdraw the embassies and high commissions from Pakistan. Eject Pakistani diplomats as persona non grata. Forget any cricket matches with Pakistan. India need not be the aggressor but neither should it be the docile recipient of Pakistani rhetoric and vitriole. Raise a diplomatic offensive in United Nations and Security Council for a condemnation for the heinous acts committed by Pakistan.
After all if Pakistan is not responsible for non state actors crossing the highly militarized Line of Control how responsible are they? Involvement of third party nations should be strongly dissuaded. It is high time India flexed its unilateral muscles. The world must be forced to choose India or Pakistan. No diplomacy should be resumed until the terror infrastructure is removed. We should also keep safeguards for resumption of diplomacy. Let any diplomacy be contingent upon a verificable track record of no illegal incursions from Pakistan to India for a period of at least 5 years. It is time we cast Pakistan away into the diplomatic wastelands. After all what price do we really have to pay for cutting off contacts with Pakistan? If any, those prices would be far less compared to the benefits we accrue by taking a proper stand against Pakistan.

It is time idiotic peace mongers realize that peace is a two way street. As long as one side is insistent on waging war, there can not be peace. And there are times when diplomacy should be stopped to give the other side a taste of what isolation truly could mean. If only our Government gathered its wits about and we had a leader with the guts and gumption to do this. Such a diplomatic backhand could make Pakistan rethink its position in ways that all this Aman ki Asha could not.

2 comments for “India Pakistan – Diplomacy to what end?

  1. Pk Satish
    January 10, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    It is in the interest of the terrorists to keep the two nations apart. Every time there is some semblance of normalisation of India-Pak relationship, an incident happens. It is, most probably, not the Pak government, but the terrorists themselves that is acting. Cutting off relationships, escalating tensions etc. is what the terrorists want so that they can recruit more people for Jihad. On the other hand, if India can positively influence the Pak economy, if people of either side can interact freely, terrorists hands will be slowly cut off.

    So more involvement is what is suggested; not less.

    • January 10, 2013 at 9:40 pm

      This is precisely the fiction that we should now see past. Is it believable that in one of the most highly militarized corridors of the world any random terrorist could cross the LoC into India without full backing and permission of the Pakistan Army? These incidents are not the works of non state actors, these are sponsored and always instigated by Pakistan Army because we are gullible enough to consider them innocent.

      It is pointless for us to try influence Pak economy as long as bulk of Pak economy consists of industries owned and controlled by Pakistan Army. Terrorism is a state apparatus in Pakistan, it is high time we realized this and acted accordingly.

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