Fuel for Wanderlust

People ride for many reasons. Some for the pure rush of adrenaline when the speedometers cross over to the realm of three digits. For some riding is a matter of spiritual escape and for some others it is a means of camaraderie with fellow beings who crave the taming of the beasts on two wheels.


For me riding is a passion that has evolved out of years of envy and imagination. Life was always defined for me in a dimension of two wheels for me. When I was younger it was bicycles which I used to ride for reasonably long distances, I remember even dreaming of riding a bicycle all the way to Ootty from Nilambur when I first visited the hill station in my 11th standard. However as I grew older my dreams also started growing ambitious in its tenor and reach.


Over the past year or so when I have been the owner of a bike of my own, a Hero Honda Hunk, I had brought many of those dreams to life. Nothing but sheer power of the dreams which made me crazy over the years had propelled me to ride solo to places such as Nilambur, Gudalur, Wayanad and Bangalore.  A year of riding has far from diminishing it has only refueled my wanderlust. However this blog is a tribute to those primary motivators and icons which have defined my wanderlust.


I have always considered Hero Honda Hunk to be a fling. Sure I am having fun with her, but she can never be my life partner. There has been one and only one beauty whom I have craved, lusted and adored for ages – A Royal Enfield Bullet. And it is an adoration that was created as much by the luscious thumps of the Bulls I have heard over the years but also certain pop culture icons which have been inspirational.

One of the most inspiring of such pop culture influences for me had been Lucky Ali.  This singer’s songs have always had a biking theme, particularly of Royal Enfield that has always excited me. Especially songs like “Kitni Haseen Zindagi Hai” is ripe with motifs of the lone rider out on the long highways. The motif also gains strength in his song “O Sanam” which imparts fantasies of riding a Bull through the sands of Egyptian Sahara.



Another great travel song which I have cherished through the years have been the “Aankhon Mein Sapnon Liye” by Shaan. The theme of a person travelling alone literally and figuratively has been particularly catchy for me. Of course the biking theme is absent but it comes very close to my travelling philosophy.


But the most powerful inspiration for one’s love for bikes, especially the Royal Enfield Bullet must of course be one’s very own Mohan Lal. This magnificent thespian has portrayed such powerful roles through his decades in Malayalam cinema that few are Malayalees anywhere in the world who have not even for a minute not empathized with the roles and characters portrayed by him. For me of course most unforgettable are his roles with the Royal Enfield Bullet, especially from movies like Sphadikam, Pingami and Aaram Thampuran! Who can forget the raw machismo of Aadu Thoma riding a Bullet with his trademark Rayban glasses!! Or the Captain Vijay Menon of Pingami who is out to avenge the murder of his parents in Pingami . And last but not the least, I am sure no one can ever forget Jagannadhan tying a bandanna and riding out in the rain to kick the living bejeebers out of Chenkalam Madhavan!

It would be simply false and unjust of me to not to pay tributes to such glowing inspirations who everyday inspire me to ride more! Just now as I finished listening to “Kitni Haseen Zindagi Hai” for the nth time I am fired up to go on a ride, a craving which I hope to satiate with my fling, Hunk, this weekend, however the thirst to get finally committed to my dream girl, a Royal Enfield Bullet still remains tantalizingly out of reach!

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